How do I get copies of a Police or Accident Report?

To get copies of an accident report, please visit or the Maine Crash Reporting website to obtain a copy of a report.  You will need your last name, report number, and the date of the accident to access your report.  It does take a couple of days for reports to get uploaded to the sites.  Please do not contact us for a report unless it has been over a week since your accident and the report has not been uploaded yet.  

To get copies of a Police report, please fill out the WPD Records Request Form.  The form is also available in the lobby of the Public Safety Building.  The request forms can be dropped off at the Public Safety Building or mailed to the Westbrook Police Department, addressed to the Records Administrator. There are fees associated with purchasing a report - please see the request form for the amount. Payment is due before any reports can be released, and checks should be made out to the City of Westbrook. If you are requesting a copy of report that is in the court system, we cannot provide that to you. You will need to go through the discovery process with the District Attorney’s Office.

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1. How do I get copies of a Police or Accident Report?
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