Event Permit

Event Permits & Licenses

Residents or local groups planning an event taking place on City property (parks, streets, sidewalks, etc.) may be required to obtain an Event Permit.

  • Insurance required. All permit applicants are required to provide the City with proof of general liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $400,000, naming the City of Westbrook as an additional insured. The insurance certificate must be accompanied by either (1) an endorsement, or (2) the additional insured policy provisions. 
  • Food vendors. For any event hosting food vendors, all food vendors must hold a valid City food license. If a vendor does not hold a City food license, a Temporary Food Vendor License may be requested and issued for the event. 
  • Alcohol. Per Sec. 23-4 of the City's Code of Ordinances, alcohol may not be consumed in any park or other recreational property owned by the City. 
  • City services. Depending upon the nature and/or number of attendees, Police, Fire/Rescue, and/or Public Services may be required to provide services for or at the event at the expense of the event organizer. 
  • Review process. Applications are due to the Clerk's Office at least 45 days prior to the event date. Annual events will require a permit each year. Event applications are reviewed by the Event Permit Committee. Any event requiring a street closure must obtain City Council approval.  
  • Permit required. No person may conduct an event on City Property until an Event Permit has been issued by the City. 
  • Damages. Event organizers shall be solely responsible for any damage to City property resulting from their event and, as a condition of their permit, agree that the City may take whatever action is necessary to recover all costs associated with repairing the damage and returning the property to its condition prior to the event.