WPD Officers & K9


The Westbrook Police Department is proud to serve the City of Westbrook and its residents.  We provide 24/7 law enforcement services to the city.  We are a community-policing oriented department, and seek to partner with the community to keep Westbrook a safe place for all.  

A system of nightwatchmen and constables kept order in Westbrook from the time it became a town in 1814 until it became a city in 1891. Then, a City ordinance authorized the appointment of a City Marshall and three Police Officers and the Westbrook Police Department was established.

Today the Westbrook Police Department consists of 45 sworn officers and 6 civilian employees, men and women committed to providing our community with the best in public safety. We are dedicated to working in partnership with our citizens, business owners, and civic leaders for the purpose of deterring crime, protecting our city and improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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The Westbrook Police Department Facebook page contains current crime information, updates on community events, safety reminders, traffic alerts and general news about the Department and the work that our Officers are doing. Please visit the Westbrook Police Department Facebook page.Facebook Logo