Wastewater Division


The Wastewater Division handles the following areas:

  • Sewer and drainage issues, including maintenance of City owned sewer lines and pumping stations. The Wastewater Division is not responsible for service from private buildings to City sewer lines.
  • Inspections of all newly installed sewer lines.
  • Maintenance and care of the thirteen pumping stations throughout the City.

Sewer Commission

FY2023 Sewer Commission Packet
FY2022 Sewer Commission Packet
FY2021 Sewer Commission Packet
CY2020 Sewer Commission Packet
CY2019 Sewer Commission Packet
CY2018 Sewer Commission Packet


Position Name Term Expires
Vacant Vacant Vacant
Voting Member Rhonda Forrester 12/31/2024
Voting Member Kevin Price 12/31/2023

Sewage Treatment & Billing

The City of Westbrook sets the yearly sewer user rate when the annual budget is approved through City Council and the Sewer Commission.  

The current sewer user rate is $5.00 a month + $7.73 per hundred cubic foot (HCF) and is based off of your water bill. 

If you plan to irrigate or fill a pool on an annual basis, it is highly recommended that you purchase a submeter through the Portland Water District so that this flow will be subtracted from your wastewater bill.

Sewage treatment and monthly sewage billing for the City of Westbrook is managed by the Portland Water District:
225 Douglas Street
Portland, ME 04104
Phone: 207-774-5961

Wastewater Outreach & Documents