Marriage License


marriagelicenseA marriage license gives a couple the legal authority to marry in the State of Maine. Licenses must be obtained from either of the parties' municipality of residence (assuming at least one party is a Maine resident), or from any municipality in Maine if neither party is a Maine resident. Licenses are valid for a period of 90 days.

An appointment to obtain a marriage license and/or marriage ceremony at City Hall is strongly recommended. Call the City Clerk's Office at 207-591-8131 to book your appointment. The last marriage license appointment will be scheduled no later than 30 minutes prior to closing. 

Application Process

Bring the following documentation to your scheduled appointment: 

  • The MARRIAGE INTENTION FORMParties must sign the intentions in front of a notary or Clerk during their appointment at City Hall. 
  • Current photo identification 
  • Certified copies of any divorce decree or death certificate proving that any previous marriage has ended. 
  • Payment. We accept cash, check, debit, or credit. Note that a 2.5% processing fee will be assessed if using debit/credit. Fees outlined below: 
    • $40 - Marriage license 
    • $75 - Marriage ceremony (optional) 
    • $15 - First copy of the marriage certificate. Couples may pre-order these at the time they obtain their license. (Optional)
    • $6 - Additional copies of the marriage certificate ordered during any single transaction. (Optional)

A couple may pre-order copies of their marriage certificate during their marriage license appointment. A marriage certificate is the document obtained after the wedding ceremony, proving that you are legally married and that any requested name change has occurred. We recommend purchasing at least two (2) copies. 


After you obtain a marriage license, the marriage must be solemnized (i.e. a wedding ceremony must be performed). A brief, legal ceremony may be performed at City Hall upon request for $75. Due to space limitations, we can accommodate only the couple and two (2) witnesses. Other guests may be asked to wait outside of City Hall. 

Once the ceremony takes place, the marriage officiant is responsible for completing the blank ceremony section of the marriage license, and to obtain the signatures of two witnesses. Once the license is completed, the marriage officiant must return the license to the Clerk of the municipality from which the license was obtained. The marriage officiant is the only person authorized to return this license, and must do so within the seven days following the ceremony. The license may be returned in person or by mail.