Burn Permits

Burning permits may be obtained from either of the two fire stations on the day you plan to conduct a burn. There is no fee for a burn permit. Permits are typically available after 9 a.m. and only upon a favorable "fire danger report" being received from the Maine Forest Service. You can also obtain a burning permit online free of charge.

If conditions are favorable, permits will be issued after that time. There is no charge for a burn permit. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Fires must be attended by an adult at all times. Vegetation and debris should be kept in small piles to insure the burn is always under control. Burn materials must be kept away from buildings and not burned on the street. Water should be readily available (garden hose, etc.) at all times. If a complaint is received regarding the burn you are conducting, the permittee's permit may possibly be revoked.

Prohibited Burning

Effective January 1, 2002, state law prohibits outside burning of any non-vegetation material and bans burning in incinerators within the City of Westbrook.

Permissible Burning with Permit

  • Burning of vegetative growth for hazard abatement, such as grass and pastures.
  • Open burning of leaves, brush, deadwood and tree cuttings accrued from normal property maintenance by the individual property owner.
  • Construction debris allowed by rule, to the property owner.

Permissible Burning Without a Permit

  • Residential use of outdoor grills and fireplaces for preparing food as long as no nuisance is created. Commercially available fire pits are not exempt from a permit unless used for cooking.

Non-Permissible Burning

  • Open burning not allowed under State Rule
  • Burning on-site for the disposal of wood waste (slash) from the clearing of lots and/ or right of ways at construction sites
  • Burning not specifically allowed herein

How the Fire Department Responds to Complaints

Permitted open burning shall be ordered discontinued if a nuisance is created or if conditions create a hazard. A "nuisance condition" is one created by smoke that prevents enjoyment of one's property.

If upon investigation a person is found to be burning without a permit and a permit is required, the fire shall be extinguished and a warning shall be issue. The warning may be written or verbal but shall be noted in the incident. The Fire Deparment may ask the Police Department to issue a summons if the situation warrants [M.SR.A. Title 12§9324(5) or (M.SR.A. Title 12§9324(6)], or the Fire Inspector may issue a civil summons.