Business Environment

Westbrook's diverse business environment offers almost any career the opportunity to grow. Westbrook has a total of 15,000 jobs in the city which include Wholesale Trade, Health Care and Social Assistance, Manufacturing, Construction, and Retail Trade.

Largest Industry Sectors in Westbrook's Economy

Jobs by sector

Sectors Driving Growth in Westbrook

Westbrook added nearly 1,200 jobs from 2014 to 2019, which represent roughly 5% of the total jobs added in the region. Industry sectors in Westbrook that experienced significant job growth include Management of Companies and Enterprise, Wholesale Trade, Health Care and Social Assistance – most of which are also the largest sectors by employment in the city. The Finance and Insurance sector in Westbrook contracted.

Westbrook’s job growth in Wholesale Trade accounted for over 40% of regional growth in this sector, and the city’s growth in the Management of Companies and Enterprises accounted for over 30% of regional growth. It is also important to note that the Finance and Insurance industry in the region added jobs, despite the decline in Westbrook.

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Westbrook's Unique Sectors 

Location Quotient (LQ) quantifies how concentrated an industry is as compared to the national economy. Westbrook has two sectors with LQ’s above 2.0 – the typical benchmark for whether a sector is considered specialized – Management of Companies and Enterprises and Wholesale Trade. Management of Companies and Enterprises also boasts the highest LQ in the region, though it is not as specialized.