COVID-19 Programs and Grants

COVID-19 Programs and Grants

Small Business Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program

Created to support immediate need of commercial rental or mortgage payments that is simple, flexible efficient and speedy

  • $1,500 grant paid directly to landlord
  • 50 or fewer Westbrook-based employees
  • Demonstrate revenue loss due to COVID-19
  • City Employees and elected officials and home-based businesses are not eligible

Link to the Small Business Rent Assistance Program:

Westbrook’s Takeout & Deliver Support Effort

Created to support our eaters and establishments offering takeout and delivery

mutually serves as a promotion for many restaurants and has generated a lot of buzz for the businesses on social media.

  • Participants purchase $100 of takeout or delivery from a Westbrook establishment and then upload a photo of their receipts totaling $100 to our online form.
  • The program has been running for 5 weeks and we have received approximately 50 entries.
  • That puts $5,000 in the local economy so far, plus the City’s investment in the gift cards $1,500

Link to Westbrook businesses that are offering takeout:

Link to form for Businesses that want to participate in Take-out and Delivery:

Link to the Westbrook Takeout & Delivery Challenge:

Outdoor Dining & Retail Outdoor Expansion 

The City of Westbrook has proposed a plan to assist Westbrook’s restaurants, food service establishments, and retail establishments that are scheduled to open as of June 1, 2020 as allowed by Governor Janet Mills’ Restarting Maines Economy phased plan.

  • This proposal allows businesses to expand dining and retail areas within certain areas of public property not typically permitted for business activity such as: public areas, parking lots, public rights-of-way, and parklets.
  • The City will also allow the expansion of existing outdoor seating previously permitted for use in the public way to increase the number of customers served safely while meeting social distancing requirements.
  • State roads are excluded from this program as the City does not regulate State rights-of-way. This proposal is not to create a gathering or social space.
  • Gathering in groups will not be permitted in outside areas, expect as allowed by these regulations; any waiting lines shall meet social distancing requirements.

Link to the Outdoor Dining & Retail Expansion Program: