Capital Improvement Plan


The City of Westbrook’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) sets the priorities for investment in major infrastructure items and projects, and may include road construction, sewer repairs and the purchase of vehicles. The CIP also outlines the financing plan for these investments, whether through bonds, grants or the annual operating budget. While the CIP is generally adopted on an annual basis, it may be adopted for other lengths of time depending upon projected needs and financing options.

The CIP informs our elected officials of general infrastructure needs, though the detailed costs of those investments may not immediately be known. Once the general plan is approved, departments will bring forward each item to Council for approval once the exact details are determined. Because of the long-term nature of these investments, CIP budgets are developed in certain fiscal years, but the funds may be expended over a range of years.

Capital Improvement Plans

CIP, FY 2018-2019 through 2019-2020 (proposed)