City Ordinance on Snow Removal

Fire Hydrant Clear-Away ZoneSection 29-5. Removal of snow from private property to streets or sidewalks; penalty.

No person shall lay, throw, place or plow or cause to be laid, thrown, placed or plowed, on or into any public street or public sidewalk, any snow or ice from private property. Any person or firm found in violation of this section shall be subject to the penalty provisions of Sec. 1-8 of this Code. (1942 Rev. Code, Ch. XVI, § 20; Ord. of 2-5-62; Ord. of 4-26-10)

Fire Hydrants

If there is a fire hydrant near your house that may be inaccessible due to snow please help do your part by clearing a path to keep it accessible. The clear-away zone extends 3 feet around the hydrant and from the hydrant to the street.