Agricultural & Forest Resources

Smiling Hill Farm


Active agriculture and pasture lands contribute to the cultural fabric of Westbrook but are not a primary component of the economic growth of the city. Approximately 37 parcels are enrolled in the state’s current-use property tax program and the city encourages enrollment in these programs by eligible landowners. The growth in residential subdivisions in the northern portion of the city has resulted in pressure to develop large tracts of forested or field land. However, there are no known impediments to off-site farming or logging operations as a result of this development. The Wormell Farm (generally between Brook Street and Bridgton Road) and the Clarke Farm (on Spring Street) are being marketed for development. While neither property is in productive use as a farm, development of these properties would impact school enrollment, demand on fire and rescue services and water and sewer services. There is a farmer’s market operating in a temporary location in the downtown. A permanent location is sought.

Conditions & Trends

Land Enrolled in Current-Use Property Tax Programs

Land UseAcreage EnrolledParcelsParcels Enrolled Before 2000Parcels Enrolled Since 2000
Tree growth76624195
Open space71422
  • Westbrook will consult with the Maine Forest Service district forester when developing any land use regulations pertaining to forest management practices as required by 12 MRSA §8869.
  • Westbrook will consult with the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District when developing any land use regulations pertaining to agricultural management practices.
  • Westbrook will continue to limit non-residential development in the Rural District, based on current land use policies and as further outlined in the Future Land Use Plan.
  • Westbrook will continue to permit land use activities that support productive agriculture.
  • Westbrook will work to include agriculture, commercial forestry operations, and land conservation that supports them in local or regional economic development plans.