Code Enforcement Staff

Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing the ordinances of the City of Westbrook. The Code Enforcement Officer also interprets the Land Use Ordinances in response to development proposals. As a result, the Code Enforcement Officer is the point of contact for those interested in the development potential of their property.

Assistant Code Enforcement Officer

Code Compliance Inspector is the principal investigator of problem properties throughout the City and will enforce City and State Ordinances as well as the Property Maintenance Code. As a result, the Code Compliance Inspector is the point of contact for reporting disorderly or nuisance properties.

Department Coordinator / E - 911 Addressing Officer

Linda is responsible for a wide variety of clerical and secretarial work in coordinating the tasks and activities relating to support for the Code Enforcement Officer, Code Compliance Inspector, Assessing, Department Director, Planning Board and Zoning Board.