Recruitment & Employment


The City seeks to employ the most qualified persons possible when there is a vacancy. Within the limits of time during which a position must be filled, there shall be as wide a search for qualified candidates as is practicable. The character of this search will vary from position to position, but may include internal posting, advertising, open competitive examination, and contact with special sources of information in each case. It shall be the duty of the Mayor, through the City Administrator and the Human Resources Director, to seek out the most desirable employees for the City.


  • A. The employment of all personnel shall be the responsibility of the Mayor through the City Administrator and the Human Resources Director.
  • B. All applicants must submit a written application for employment.
  • C. Upon appointment or promotion, all employees shall be subject to a period of probation. This period shall be for a period of 6 months, unless otherwise specified. During the probationary period, the appointing authority may remove the probationer at any time if his or her work and conduct are found to be below satisfactory standards.