Business Licenses

✔Before you start your business, contact the Planning, Assessing & Code Enforcement Office to confirm that your location is properly zoned for the business operations that you intend to conduct.

Obtaining a Business License

State Licenses. You may be required to obtain certain licenses or permits from the State of Maine to operate your business. Click here for information on State business licenses. 

City Licenses. In addition to any State license requirements, you may need to obtain a license or permit from the City of Westbrook to operate in our community. Included below are business license applications for those activities requiring a local license. There is a $25 application fee per business, along with a $35 background investigation fee for each new applicant. Certain licenses may require the approval of City Council before business can commence.


Please contact the City Clerk's Office for additional information and/or assistance.

Registering Your Business

In accordance with State law, all businesses in Westbrook operating as sole proprietor or partnership using a name other than the owner's personal name must register their business with the City Clerk's Office. This form is commonly known as a DBA ("doing business as"). There is a one-time fee of $10 to file this form. Many banks will require you to provide a copy of this form before allowing you to open a bank account for your business. Corporations are not required to file with our office due to having already filed their business name with the State.

Click the links below to access these forms:

Home Occupation Registration

The Code Enforcement Office maintains a registration of businesses conducted from residential properties.  A Home Occupation Registration application and a letter describing how you intend to operate the business should be submitted to the Code Enforcement office for review and approval - at no additional cost.  Questions about Home Occupation Registrations should be directed to the Planning & Code Enforcement Office.